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Arizona Highway Patrol

This recently completed pencil drawing montage artistically depicts the 75 years of Arizona Highway Patrol, which is now a division of the Arizona Department of Public Safety.

Prints of this montage are available from the artist by ordering through online ordering on this web page.

Dr. Martens' anniversary montage highlights many of the Highway Patrol's acheivements and developments since its inception in 1931. The center piece of the artwork is the 75th anniversary logo which appears on many collector items honoring the event.

Available prints of this montage are 18 by 24 inches and sell for $175 plus $30 for shipping. The montages can be personalized by submitting a photo to Dr. Martens, which will then be inserted into your copy of the montage. The cost of personalizing the montage is an additional $75, and the submitted photo will be returned.

All prints will be signed and will bear the artist's proof mark. If desired, the badge number of the person ordering the print can be added. If desired, Dr. Martens can provide matting for $50, making it suitable for a standard 24 by 30 inch frame. For framing, Dr. Martens recommends that those ordering a print visit the web site of Graphik Dimmensions Ltd. (www.pictureframes.com)