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Shown in the 11 pictures above are a sculpture of Christ holding a boy.  Shown here, the sculpture was being prepared (2004-2005) for La Casa de Cristo Lutheran Church in Scottsdale, Arizona.  The piece is 55" tall, about 48" wide and 76" long.  The bronze sculpture was cast from this clay model by The Crucible Foundry in Norman, Oklahoma.   A computer process will convert this model sculpture into a bronze casting which will be 150% life size.  The model for the young boy was Ray's son Matthew when he was 3 years old.  The final bronze sculpture will be placed in an outdoor courtyard of the beautiful new church of La Casa de Cristo Lutheran Church. The church web site is here.     (Click on the thumbnail pictures to see large pictures)
Hoisting the 1200 lb. sculpture, from the trucking which hauled it to the church, to its platform, where it is permanently fastened to the concrete base with epoxy.

[Left] Dedication service/church service at La Casa de Cristo Lutheran Church in Scottsdale, Arizona on November 6, 2005.  [Center] Outside, after the dedication.  [Right] From left the right, Dr. Ray Martens, his wife Dr. Prisca Martens, their son Matthew and their daughter Sarah.

Closeups of the sculpture in place at  La Casa de Cristo Lutheran Church in Scottsdale, Arizona. Note that Jesus and the young boy are 150% life size.