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Photo Album

The life and times of Dr. Ray Martens.

A shy Ray Martens with his brothers and his mothers parents, the Bernhardt's. Mr. Bernhardt imigrated to this country in 1901, and our grandmother, then Amelia Weimer, immigrated in 1910. This photo was at Ludell, Kansas in 1949.

Ray Martens with his brothers Gary and Earl, at Ludell, Kansas in the fall of 1949.

Ray's school picture from Clearwater, Nebraska in 1954.

Ray's parents, brothers and sister at Frazee, Minnesota in 1958.

Ray with one of his first paintings (1975) of the young Daggett brothers at Frazee, Minnesota.

Ray was with the US Air Force Art Program from 1980 to 1996. As part of that program he traveled throughout Europe, visiting the Netherlands, Germany, Spain, Italy, Greece and the US documenting the history of the US Air Force. He's in Madrid, Spain here. To the left, Ray is in the rear seat of an F-15 of the 32nd Tactical Fighter Squadron, flying out of The Netherlands.

Grand Canyon painting on display at an art gallery in Arizona, in 1987.

Drawings and paintings of Ray Martens on display at a one man art show at Luke Air Force Base.

To the left, Ray's wife Prisca with their young adopted son Matthew at the Grand Canyon in about 1987. On the right, their adopted daughter Sarah's adoption and citizenship hearing.

Ray with his son Matthew and daughter Sarah in 1989.

Portraits of Ray's family in the early 1990's and in September 2004.

Ray's grandparents, Henry and Louisa Martens at their 50th wedding anniversary, celebrated in October 1952, near Moorefield, Nebraska.

Question and answer session at Valparaiso University at the start of one-man art show presented by Ray Martens.

Ray Martens, with the President of Valparaiso University, at a dinner were Ray's montage depicting the 125 years of Valparaiso University was presented.

Wedding of Ray Martens parents, Rev. Elden Martens and Alvina (Wooster) Martens in 1942.

Ray Martens flew in many Air Force planes during his time in the US Air Force Art Program. Here, he's seen climbing aboard an F-15 at Luke Air Force Base west of Phoenix. You see Ray in several pictures aboard an F-15, F-15s in formation and flying over Arizona, and an F-15 doing a max climb. Landing at Luke AFB, and Ray Martens climbing down after his ride in the F-15 Eagle. During his time in the Air Force Art Program, Ray flew in F-15 fighters, C-141, C-5, and C-130 transports, various helicopters, the KC -135 refueling tanker, and the OV-10 Bronco. The OV-10 was widely used during the Vietnam War, starting in July 1968, by forward air controllers.